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You’re only a girl. Smaller, shorter, weaker than him. But you have something he doesn’t. Agony, shame, rage—bubbling under the surface for centuries. Ready to explode.

Traveling to a past life is easer than you think. But it comes with a price.

How far would you go to fulfill your terrifying ancient vow?

He has confidence, integrity, compassion. He loves you, desires you, respects you. But can he protect you from your fate?

Would you bait a serial killer to fulfill your ancient revenge vow?

When you draw the man from your past life visions, and all hell breaks loose.

You’re strong enough, smart enough, brave enough. But are you enough to fulfill your bloodcurdling ancient vow?

What if you could settle a score 400 years later?

Beware your sudden past life visions.  You never know what’s behind them.

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