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Book 2 Trailer is Here + Read the Prologue!

I hope you ate/drank something green last weekend ☘️ My husband and I joined a local Irish pub crawl for some cold Guinness on tap and a wee bit of shenanigans. Always a good time!

On the publishing front, last week, Into the Lure of Time hit Amazon UK Top 100 in Time Travel Romance — while still on pre-order! I'm so grateful to all my readers and can't wait for you to read the book!

Meanwhile, check out this awesome, brand-new book trailer:

And here is a sneak peek at the prologue:

A plan gone wrong. A rash decision. A thoughtless act.

The past always and forever hovers near.

I never thought I could become my own perpetrator.

I never dreamed I would be my own victim.

I never expected to turn into a villain.

But every crime carries a punishment.

In this life, my name is Siena Forte Casey, and mine, I cannot bear.

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