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Giveaway alert! How would you like to win an 📱📚 AND an 🎧📚?

Updated: Jan 31

If you haven't yet read Book One of the trilogy or would like to own another format, I have two amazing giveaways for you in celebration of Valentine's Day ❤️

Check out these brand-new giveaways:

I also have exciting news:

Into the Lure of Time, Book Two of the Always and Forever trilogy, is scheduled to release this Spring!

Into the Lure of Time | Coming Spring 2024
Into the Lure of Time | Coming Spring 2024

I think it's safe to say I can't (don't want to) play by genre rules. And this is not a self-aggrandizing statement. My author life would be a lot easier if only I could stay within, say, common romance tropes. For example: emotional scars, a sworn-off relationship, second chance, happily ever after. Certainly, my marketing and promotion would be less complicated if I could craft a straightforward thriller: history returns, amnesia, the big reveal, twist ending. Besides, all the publishing gurus say sticking to one genre is a proven path to success. And success equals having the means to continue to write stories.

But if you read Through the Veneer of Time, you know that's not how my mind works. So for better or worse (pun fully intended), the second book in the Always and Forever series is another... wait for it... genre-bender!

However, while the overarching theme of Into the Lure of Time is still time travel romance, this story has strong undertones of a psychosexual thriller. This nail-biting subgenre often deals with themes of primal fears and desires, as well as uncomfortable truths about human relationships, which can manifest as obsessions, manipulation, sexual tension and power dynamics, as well as unreliable narration. (Think Eyes Wide Shut or Fatal Attraction.)

Last but not least, Book Two is a continuation of Siena and Ryan's and Neave and Aedan's journeys, but it deals with a different type of literary conflict. This story is not so much about the heroine against the villain, as in Through the Veneer of Time, but about the heroine against herself.

And above all else, it's a book that will make you feel™.


In this gripping sequel to the award-winning novel, Through the Veneer of Time, echoes of Siena’s past life lure her into an indiscretion that threatens to destroy her marriage. Once again, she alone can undo the damage, but this chilling revelation is only the beginning of her battle.

Stay tuned for cover reveals, sneak peeks, and more!


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